Advantage And Disadvantage Of Youtube Essay

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YouTube is a free online service where members can post video on, and anyone can view. YouTube accepts a number of video formats, but the greatest success that exist on YouTube is it can uploading AVI files. AVI files are an older video standard with little if any compression. YouTube then compresses the audio and video into and FLV (Flash Video) file, which can be played on any computer with a recent installation of Flash. The greatest advantages of posting video to YouTube are that YouTube is convenient, popular and free.
The greatest disadvantage are the loss of video and audio quality during compression although this is constantly improving. Another disadvantage of YouTube is that it is commonly used for items of a non-religious nature. In other words, it might be easy to stumble across something on YouTube that might not be appropriate for a Christian audience. So, YouTube offers a feature which helps avoid this problem.
Its video is generally offered with an “embed” code,
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It is also lacking in (legal) long-form entertainment. For example, you are unlikely to find a legitimate upload of your favourite TV show, although you can probably find a short clip or advertisement for it.
In addition, when using YouTube for business purposes, a pro quality video might be overkill for YouTube, especially when it comes to video quality and production values. Your video, no matter how much money you spend on it, is still seen in the same web browsers as basement quality webcam videos. That typical YouTube viewer, watching in his web browser might not even see the better lighting, quality makeup, and appealing backdrops. A lot of money can get lost in the resolution. Thus, YouTube must offer a better quality and data coverage that can overcome this
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