Yudhisthira In The Game Of Dice In The Mahabharata

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Critically comment on Yudhisthira as he appears during “The game of Dice” in the Mahabharata. Narada said to Yudhishthira “ Son of Kunti and scion of the Kuru race! Your father Pandu told you: ‘You are capable of conquering the world; your brothers are at your command. Scion of Bharata! Perform Rajasuya, the greatest of sacrifices.” Rajasuya is a Śrauta ritual of the Vedic religion. It is a consecration of a king. The Rajasuya emphasized royal power and endowed the king with a divine charisma, raising him, at least for the duration of the ceremony, to the status of a god. King Yudhisthira, having heard the advice of Narada, sighed heavily and engaged his thoughts in the matter of the Rajasuya sacrifice. He assembled his counsellors and ministers in the imperial court and worshiped them accordingly. They also venerated him in return. They then began to discuss preparations for the Rajasuya sacrifice. But did Yudhishthira really wanted to be the Emperor? No, I don’t think so. Bhima said to Yudhishthira “Your intellect has become confused. You are born as a Kshatriya and yet you don’t think or behave like one. You have become a Brahmana by temperament.” Yudhishthira was born a Kshatriya but his behavior was similar to that of a Brahmana. Yudhishthira’s personality is very complex, just like the other characters of the Mahabharata. Yudhishthira’s truthfulness, generosity, good conduct, compassion, forbearance, his reluctance towards the war and by the end him being
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