Yuki's Lungs: A Narrative Fiction

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Yuki’s lungs started to shrivel like prunes and her throat was almost like a clogged sink drain because of the dusty desert surface. Her head started to get lighter and lighter as the ground came up to meet her very quickly. Yuki had woke up covered with a sheet of canvas on a not so padded “mattress”. Every time she had coughed, her throat was scratched by the bundles of dust stuck inside her. The dust was starting to grow on Yuki. It would be with her for a very long time in this new “home”. “Here, drink this,” Ken had started, “you passed out from breathing too much dust and not enough air lil’ sis.” Yuki had reached for the cup, propped herself up, and drank from the cold iron mug. As poor as the tap water was, there was not another…show more content…
It was like Yuki should mine as well sleep on the floor. She laid on her mattress, basically a sheet of hardwood, with no pillow for her head. As uncomfortable as she was, Yuki managed to fall into a deep dream pretty swiftly. She pictured her, Ken and Emi back home playing out in the front yard on a nice summer afternoon, with the sun about to set. Mother had called them in for dinner and like a daily routine, Grandma was at the table waiting to start eating. Yuki had sat down, set her napkin on her lap, and grabbed her fork and knife. She stabbed a piece of her favorite steak and started for her mouth. Suddenly, Yuki was rudely awoken by a child next door. The ear-splitting cry of homesickness from the girl had forced Yuki to get up. The young girl’s cry had gone through Yuki’s ears straight into her heart. Her bare feet hopped to the floor and walked around the privacy sheet to see Mother. Surprisingly, she had been awake too. Yuki and squished into her bed and started to cry as countless tears had performed a sorrowful dance down the side of her cheek. Mother ran her fingers through Yuki’s soft and straight black hair comforting her, wrapping her arms around her. “It’s okay sweetie,” Mother said calmingly. “This place isn’t so bad,” she lied to Yuki, protecting her from facing reality. as long as we have each other, Ken, Emi and Grandma, we’ll be alright.” Yuki didn’t say a word, her lips just started to tremble like a frightened baby. “Family will always stick together. You will always have me, Ken, Emi and Grandma by your side.” Mother preached to

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