Yum ! Brands Case Study

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Kotler, the father of marketing, defines marketing as:” an administrative and social process through which individuals and groups obtain what they need and desire by the generation, offering an exchange of valuable products with their equals” (Kotler & Keller, 2014). Yum! Brands Inc., a US-based global company, is one of the top leaders of the chicken, pizza, and Mexican-style food groups. With their brands –KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell- Yum! Brands on average, opens over six new restaurants per day. Approximately 50% of their profit comes from outside the US. Distributed in over than135 countries around the world with more than 43500 restaurants, YUM! Brands employ around 1.5 million from diverse background and styles giving them enough trust…show more content…
Malls have become a visible landmark especially in the Gulf countries (GCC). Granting that it is an American invention, Mall culture seems to be spreading more in Asia and the Middle East. Large-scale malls and community malls are targeting different types of audiences, and all of them have one thing in common: food courts. Given the high temperatures and humid weather throughout most of the year, a cooling atmosphere beats gardens and seaside for most of the people (Alexander, 2015). Furthermore, researchers found that customers visit malls for several reasons besides buying products; they see this shopping experience as an entertainment activity that brings fun and pleasure and for eating out (Kim et al, 2011). Recommendations for mall developers include providing sufficient eating out options to meet different customers' expectations (Makgopa, 2016). With the observable upturn in the income of the people in the region, expenditure on commodities has risen dramatically in the past few decades. Lifestyle changes have also donated to the attractiveness of fast food. Saudi Arabia, for example, is expected to develop into 4.5 billion-market for fast food brands. In a survey conducted by MasterCard, 88% of the responded declared that they dined in food courts in the shopping malls (Anon,

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