How To Make Yummy Mummies

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Motherhood changes a woman’s body entirely. those that were thinner earlier could begin wanting flaccid, and people who were healthy could find yourself wanting a lot of chubbier. there's no escaping the ‘baby fat’ once you're a mama. however there area unit some Bollywood females who have ensured they stick with their pre-pregnancy figure and appearance attractive even once delivering their bundle of joy.

Enter the globe of eight most lovely Bollywood moms of all times or as we decision it “yummy mummies of Bollywood”.

1. Malaika Arora Khan

Everyone is aware of however sizzling Malaika is on screen. I bet nobody will really believe that she could be a proud mama of Arhaan Khan- the son of Arbaaz Khan and kinsman of Salman Khan.

Even once
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Kudos to the mast mast beauty!

6. Lara Dutta

Lara Dutta is Associate in Nursing ex-Miss Universe and she or he positive is aware of a way to continue the title of the foremost attractive lady within the world. This girl likes to keep match and has continued along with her fitness quotient even once her gestation.

The best half is that she is ready to guide many different moms like her. She has free a video within which she reveals her fitness regime. She has additionally free a optical disc on however girls will keep match and continue with their fitness schedule post-delivery.

Now that's one thing ought to have inspiration, isn’t it?

Well, we positive hope that she continues to remain match and be a plan to the thousands of mothers around this country.

7. Twinkle Khanna
Twinkle Khanna wasn't thus standard for her appearance earlier. however investigate her currently – she is buy the farm attractive.

For those that don't understand, she has recently born to a female descendant once her son Aarav, and now's the mother of 2. however that hasn’t stopped her from wanting pretty and
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