Personal Narrative: An Indigenous Tribe

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To begin with, I choose this indigenous tribe because I don’t know nothing about Alaska and I have curiosity about the people who lived there and may be the people who still live there. Alaska is very close to the arctic glacier ocean, so its climate is one of the coldest in the world, its temperatures do not exceed 0 degrees Celsius in winter. This is one of the great difficulties that we find today in order to live there, despite this, Alaska has a population of around 20,000 people. Nowadays we have many facilities that help us adapt to different climates, we have devices and machines that make life easier, as is the case of the snowmobile to go from one place to another or the radiators to warm us when we are cold. In the past, they had a harder life…show more content…
Due to the low temperatures they faced, they needed clothes that would shelter them as much as possible. That's why they made them sew different animal skins and even made waterproof garments using animal guts. The animals used by women to make clothes and shoes were seals, beavers and caribous. The artisan pieces of great value that we conserve today are ivory carvings made with tusks of morses and all kinds of weapons and tools that they used. We also found some ritual masks but they are unique pieces of incalculable value since these masks were made for the ritual and then destroyed immediately. Their religion could be considered shamanism, since they believed that a person had magical powers and could communicate with the spirits and the beyond. This means that they had to celebrate many rites and ceremonies to maintain a good relationship with the spirits and that these help them in their day to day and they believed that with the rituals they would scare away bad spirits. They also believed in reincarnation because for
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