Yusra Mardini Research Paper

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Yusra Mardini and Claudette Colvin are two young women that faced tremendous struggles in their lives. Both girls had difficult situations but were able to persevere despite their circumstances.

Yusra was born in Damascus, Syria and was an amazing swimmer. When Yusra turned 13 war broke out in her country. So her and some of her family members fled to Turkey to escape war. They had to travel on an a very small boat packed with people. Soon the engine gave out and her and her sister got out of the boat and swam for 3.5 hours to save the 18 people on the boat. When they arrived Yusra and her sister had some money to buy food but the clerk didn’t sell it to them because they were from another country. Soon someone discovered her special talent
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One way they are alike is that that they are both teen girls that fight for what they believe in. Claudette does this by fighting for blacks rights in montgomery and Yusra did this by going to the olympics to represent the country of turkey regardless what country she came from. These two girls were also very brave. Claudette was brave because she didn’t give up her seat on a bus even though she knew she would be arrested, and Yusra was brave because she swam in treacherous waters just to save peoples live even though she knew that it was very dangerous. The two girls can also be described as being determined. Claudette was determined because she never gave up on gaining her rights. Yusra was determined because she never gave up on her dreams of being in the olympics regardless of what happened to her. These girls also faced discrimination. Claudette faced it when she got beaten for not giving up her seat to a white lady on the bus and Yusra faced it when the clerk in turkey would not accept her money because she was from another country. The thing they had most in common was they dreamed big. Claudette dreamed big when she knew she could bring rights to Alamba even though she was only 15. Yusra dreamed big because she wanted to compete in the olympics regardless of the war torn country that she lived
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