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In sunny California there is a town called Yutter. The dearth of water has caused the soil to be very dry and infertile and so the farmers cannot grow crops, impacting the economy in Yutter, changing it for the worst. The town of Yutter has a deal with the farmers and the water supply company for the town so that they can have more water than other citizens per square acre of land, in order to keep the new seeds alive before they shrivel up and the plants die. Paul Jump, Yutter’s main farmer, much to his chagrin, asked the mayor at the town meeting for water, saying “I can grow food for my pigs with the money I made off of my crops if I have two thousand more gallons a week!” The mayor ignores his request and the audience of the meeting starts to become obstreperous as they walk up to Paul Jump with screams of invective. To expiate his wrong doings, Paul held a booth at the local farmer’s market for free to all of the citizens of Yutter. At the farmer’s Paul had a long and strenuous one-sided conversation with the garrulous man who lives 5 doors down. As Paul went on the third hour of…show more content…
Paul wanted to apologize, explain to the man that he wasn’t an unctuous man but he was a man of class and felt awful on the way he had acted toward him. As Paul had hoped, the CEO had showed up, forgiven him, and had given Paul his requested two thousand gallons of additional water. For this Paul was happy beyond belief but also couldn’t express to the man how magnanimous he was. The man saw how hard Paul worked for his crop and how beautiful the foods were. The man hugged Paul tightly and shook his hand, completing the business deal and saying“You deserve the water, and not only will it benefit you but it will benefit the community with the opportunity for free, healthy foods. Paul Jump, you are a good

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