Yvain The Knight Of The Lion Analysis

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In the poem “Yvain the knight of the lion” by French poet Chrétien de Troyes we follow the story of a knight called Yvain who is trying to gain his nobility with challenges he is faced with. The writer of this poem paints a vivid image of the middle ages, with descriptions of knights in shining armor, castles that stand tall, beasts that test the limits of the main character we follow and so much more. Though there are many examples of struggle for everyone back in the middle ages… one of the most prompt struggles in the poem is how women are treated based on their class and how Yvain approaches them. Yvain left king Arthur’s table to go and fight for his cousin who came and told a horrendous story of a knight and a mythical rock which…show more content…
Lady Laudine granted Yvain a year in where he would be able to join tournaments and continue practicing being a great knight. Yvain thrilled to be able to go on a journey forgets to come back to Laudine after the year is up, so Laudine takes matters into her own hand and ask a damsel to report to Yvain that their marriage is over and that she wants her ring back. Yvain breaks down and becomes insane, naked and alone in the middle of a forest. Yvain lets Laudine steal away his pride unlike any other women was able to do to him. Since Lunete was the one to persuade Lady Laudine to marry the knight, Laudine felt that she should be able to take matters into her own hand and execute Lunette. Clear example of an Upper class woman feeling she has the upper hand on a lower class young lady. Laudine is almost like Yvains jailor she has him trapped, not in the physical sense but mentally. She made him feel lost, she had him acting like a wild beast in the forest causing him extreme
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