Z For Zachariah Analysis

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Z for Zachariah has a unique plot, but after researching the different meanings of green consistently resembles the stories roller coaster of emotions. In the beginning, the novel shows the valley as immune to radioactivity, and despite all destruction to surrounding places the valley continues to stay green and growing. Green represents nature, and because the valley is seen as the last life on earth. Additionally, green, especially its lighter shades, is referenced to sickness, which obviously connects to the radioactive poisoning that Loomis deals with during the beginning of the story. The sickness was crucial to the story’s resolution since Ann was deceived into thinking Loomis was kind and someone she would later fall in love with. This misconception Ann had of Loomis’ true…show more content…
Loomis first appeared, he was gentle, kind and very ill. Because of this, Ann decided to care for him hoping to help him survive the radioactive poisoning he was experiencing from his swim in Burden Creek. The saying all good times must come to an end shined brightly in this book, because after he began to recover. Loomis began executing his power and dominance over Ann. Meanwhile, black is a color that represents power, evil, and fear. Loomis’ actions included him attacking Ann during the night, tracking her throughout the valley, and shooting her multiple times. Loomis incited fear in Ann through his deeds. For example, the night of the attack Ann was fearful even when safely tucked away in the cave. Ann didn’t sleep after the attack, despite being safely tucked away in the cave. In the chapters leading up to this, we can remember how fearful she was that night playing the piano, especially in the instant when she heard Loomis’ cane hit the floor. “ It was going well when all at once I heard his cane tapping behind me. It tapped twice, clearly, and sharply, and I could not control myself. I whirled around on the bench. He was still sitting in the
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