Z Nation Summary

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“Z Nation” season 2 premiered with a very strange plot, but its second episode was tightly packed with action, emotion, and some quick answers to the last episode’s cliffhangers. The Syfy post-apocalyptic series picked up on its second season right where the first season’s finale left off. Operation Bite Mark was running after new bounty hunter Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) who in turn is looking for Murphy (Keith Allan) and Cassandra (Pisay Pao), according to the International Business Times. During that time, all the survivors-turned-mercenaries were already looking for Murphy because they think he has the antidote to the zombie virus. But Vasque and Operation Bite Mark beat them to the prize as they were the first ones to locate Murphy and his…show more content…
However, Cassandra appeared and began to attack him, IGN reports. While he was running outside, Warren spotted him and started to chase him when she encountered another mercenary named Wes (Andrew Sikking). In the middle of all the fight, she ended up in the same building where Murphy also ran for cover. Wes also saw 10K and Doc outside and began attacking them, too. The fight between Wes and Doc proved to be a bloody and exciting. The brawl ends with 10K coming in just in time to kill Wes’ zombified version. The two then approached Warren and Vasquez and together, they continued chasing Murphy, who attempted to commit suicide but ended up in a hotel pool full of zombies. The whole episode was full of exhilarating action from start to finish. But one of the scenes which stood out was Mack’s death, which showed his fighting spirit even until his last moment. Addy, at that time, wasted on time in shooting Mack to prevent him from turning into one of the zombies. The episode ended with Addy finding Murphy and beating the hell out of him because of everything he put the team
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