Zabdiel Boylston Research Paper

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Zabdiel Boylston was an American physician who was born on March 9, 1676 in Muddy River Hamlet which is now known as Brookline, Massachusetts. He was educated through apprenticeship to his father an English surgeon named Dr. Thomas Boylston and Dr. Cutter, another physician in Boston. Dr. Zabdiel Boylston performed his the first surgical operations by an American physician for removal of the gall bladder stones in 1710 and removal of a first breast tumor in 1718. He was soon acquired a well-known reputation for his knowledge, skills and humanity. In January 1705, he married Jerusha Minot and they had eight children. Boylston was mainly famous for being the first American surgeon of the English Colonies in North America to introduce a great medical and surgical accomplishment of inoculation for smallpox in 1721…show more content…
During the American Revolution, the disease smallpox virus was spreading enormously over thirteen colonies, created a severe threat in Boston where Boylston was urged to begin inoculations of the virus by the New England Puritan minister Cotton
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