Zachary Taylor Inaugural Speech Analysis

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Zachary Taylor was born on 1784, Virginia. He moved to a ranch in Kentucky after birth and grew up with his family. His house was in Louisiana and he had his own big farm in Mississippi. He lived in the professional soldier for life, but he usually showed his interest of cotton growing. Despite his background, Taylor was not in defend of slavery and did not insist secession from the federation. The life that he spent about 40 years made him a staunch nationalist. Taylor was on the Indian battle of front line at 25 years of age. He participated in the Mexican War and led to victory in the Battle of Monterrey and Buena Vista.
What Happened in the United States at the Time?
North and south were extremely in confrontation with each other over
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He accentually made impassioned speech with powerful military and navy. He was a stout nationalist. He likewise discussed the solid relationship about United States related with different countries and how he trusted in fortifying and keeping up those fellowships, particularly towards France. Taylor said “In all disputes between conflicting governments it is our interest not less than our duty to remain strictly neutral, while our geographical position, the genius of our institutions and our people, the advancing spirit of civilization, and, above all, the dictates of religion direct us to the cultivation of peaceful and friendly relations with all other…show more content…
Lewis Cass was the position that the election should decide for themselves whether to allow slavery in their local inhabitants of each territory.
The Inaugural Address’s Historical Importance
Historically, the people could decide for themselves whether or not to admit when slavery instituted a new state constitution. Therefore, in order to avoid the slavery controversy in the newly expanded territory in advance Taylor was the basis of their state constitution to allow the settlers of New Mexico and California, and encouraged to apply for a care position. As a result, the region was able to obtain immediate care status without going through the territories’ extra step.
Zachary Taylor is one of the presidents in the run-up to the events before the Civil War. Therefore, his presidential address is very important in the United States’
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