Zachary Taylor's Springfield-President Analysis

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Commencing out of these 15 presidents, I felt 6 were inadequate for me to include, thus I chose to eliminate them. William Henry Harrison, Harrison died 1 month into office after he caught a cold. (Summers) Obviously, 1 month into office wouldnt have allowed him to really do anything or have a big impact enough to include him in a criteria. Next Zackary Taylor he was a war hero in the Mexican American war giving him popularity allowing him to become president, though he died a year into office. (Zachary Taylor’s Springfield--Presidents: A Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary) Like Harrison dieing at a short time into office limits how effective a president can be, which is why he is eliminated.Next Franklin Pierce he was ieffective…show more content…
Most outstanting presdisents in this catagory include Geroge Washington,Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and James Monroe. George Washigton’s crisis leader are some of the best, do partilly to his background in military service. He in his line of work must have been faced with many crisis, thus it makes sense to infer that those skills would transition on to his presidency. A example of that is when the French revolution was occruing a foregin affair that had caught the attention of the citizens of the U.S. That attention then transated for an uproar to help the French, but something that added to the wanting to help is American intrest were tied in Europe. By helping the french the U.S would know have a allie to call upon on. Though Washington saw that in gaging in war was not in the best intrest of the nation. Which results in the Proclamtion of Neutrallty, which said the U.S would remain neutral in affairs of war. This is where his crisis leadership were great, the way he had the forsieght to see that it would not be good for the U.S. Also to go againist the peoples wishes afterall the president speaks for the people is a bold move. Which speaks volumes Washington was commited to see the Nation
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