Zaevion Dobson Analysis

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The little girl is crawling out into the street, and a city bus is coming toward her and isn’t slowing down. A man runs out in front of the bus and grabs the little girl, when he could have run out of the way of the bus, just in time. That man is a hero. While everyone has their own opinion of a what a hero is, and is not, they all think similarly. They could all provide an example of a hero in their eyes. Heroism is sacrifice and support while not running away from problems.
A hero is someone who risks or sacrifices their life to save someone else. Heroes love, care, protect, sacrifice, and risk their lives. For example, Zaevion Dobson jumps in front of two girls to protect them and Obama praises him, “He gave his life to save theirs - an act of heroism a lot bigger than anything we should expect from a fifteen year old”(Obama). This boy was a quick thinker and had to believe in himself to do what he did. He is a great hero. Zaevion Dobson is a great example of a hero because he has all the traits of a hero. He saw people with guns approaching where he was hanging out with his friends, and quickly thinking,
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Any coward would, but a hero won't. A hero won't say no to a request for help. A hero will never desert a friend for popularity or fame. For example, I know someone who would put down their friend because they want people to see them as stronger, and they are embarassed of their friend’s differences and pretend not to know them at times. That person is not a hero. A hero earns a true reputation by helping someone, not putting them down to look stronger. Zavion Dobson could’ve run away from the men with guns and saved himself, but that would’ve been running away from his problem. In the article, a girl Zaevion saved says, “...if he would have just ran off the porch, we would have probably been shot”(Rucker). A hero is someone who will not run away from their problems or abandon a friend in
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