The Importance Of Zaha Hadid To Architecture

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The concept of architecture has been pre existing in the earliest times starting from the primitive life of man. Architectures from the past are of course far different from what one sees at present. It includes the case and history of early settlers in the caves, tree branches and other places where people can find their humble abode. The paper covers the significant contribution of Zaha Hadid in the field of architecture industry back when she was still alive. Whenever one will come across a nicely built house or building, one cannot help but wonder how the design was made and planned. That is where architects come into the picture. The designs, structures, and the beautification that one will see in most cities are made possible from the brilliant mind of the architects who are widely known for their versatility. They possess a unique talent when it comes to designing, social trends awareness, keen business sense and a solid understanding of…show more content…
She was born in one of the prominent city in Middle East in Baghdad, Iraq on October 31, 1950. This Iraqi-born British architect is well known for her radical deconstructivist designs and that special talent led her to bring the title as the first woman to be awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize (Zukowsky, J. 2015). Hadid's contribution to the architecture industry has amazed several architects as well and other individuals who specialize on design and structure. Zaha's early passion on architecture started back when she was a child particularly during her random trips to the Sumer region in Southern Iraq. The place is gifted with various architectures coming from the world's oldest civilizations. From that experience, Zaha learned and started to create a design on her own inspired from those structures which eventually become her full time passion until she decided to pursue to become an architect
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