Zaha Hadid's Influence

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One of Zaha Hadid’s greatest influences was Kasmir Malevich. She believed that her interest in abstraction grew due to his works (“The Relationship between Fine Art and Architecture: Kazimir Malevich and Zaha Hadid.”). She said, “I was so obsessed with his work when I was studying and in my early career that I read it over and over again” (“Video: Zaha Hadid Discusses the Influence of Kazimir Malevich on Her Work.”). Her deep philosophical relationship with the artist can be seen in her early work (“Video: Zaha Hadid Discusses the Influence of Kazimir Malevich on Her Work.”). The two artists had many similarities and conveyed their ideas in parallel ways. They used minimal colors (focused on black, white and natural tones), however used countless…show more content…
The work of Hadid is generally more representative than the designs of Malevich. Hadid also relates her work to the landscapes observed around the site and the urban state, while Malevich created his art in isolation. Malevich uses geometric forms within his work and Hadid presents mathematical and geological forms to combine the different shapes with the equilibrium. Hadid used a range of small forms within her buildings where as Malevich presents his art in less larger shapes, therefore the general design of Hadid is more complex than the art of Malevich (Hadid, Zaha, Francesca Serrazanetti, and Matteo Schubert 11 - 12). Another difference between the two artists is that Malevich used mostly rectangular forms while Hadid creates her architectural designs using a combination of rectangular and curved shapes. During Malevich’s career he focused mainly on simplicity and expressed paintings like the Black Square , which present movement and dynamics. He mentioned: “The square is not a subconscious form. It is the creation of intuitive reason. The face of the new art. The square is a living, regal infant. The first step of pure creation in art.” (“Notable Quotes By Kazimir Malevich, The Founder Of Suprematism.”) However, in the project called "Suprematism No. 55 (spherical evolution of a plane)" Malevich focuses on the type of curves that are usually observed in Hadid’s architecture. Hadid therefore refined the use of these shapes to combine the different elements and create flow and dynamics within her
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