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The movie outbreak starts out in the year 1967 located within the Motaba river valley, Zaire, where the village located there is suffering from a very contagious virus that has a 100% mortality rate. The United States military is there to see the destruction that the virus has caused the villagers within the Motaba river valley. The military decides that they need to firebomb the village to stop the further spread of this dangerous virus to other parts of Zaire. The two military doctors that order the firebomb are Brigadier General Billy Ford (Morgan Freeman), and Major General Donald McClintock (Donald Sutherland) who is there seeing, and reporting the devastation that the virus has caused to their superiors back in Washington D.C. The movie then flashes forward to modern day, which is 27 years later from the discovery of the virus from the Motaba River Valley in Zaire. The United States military is called in again, this time to a village that has been devastated by a virus that killed all the villagers within three days of contracting the disease. This time Colonel Sam Daniels (Dustin Hoffman) is in charge and the medical man of the village leaves the ominous message the medicine man of the forest believes that this virus is the…show more content…
The next scene in the movie we see Rudy falling over from the fever from the virus. The CDC (center for disease control) issues a stage 3 alert for a 24 hour period of time, thanks to Robby Keough, who takes the information from her ex-husband gives her to rule out the Motaba virus that is expected to be the reason why Jimmy died within the hospital. While the hospital worker (Henry) is exposed to the virus by a blood vile from the infected victim, Rudy, that explodes in the centrifuge and sprays into his eyes. We see that Henry goes to the movies in Cedar Creek where he coughs, and the movies show that the Motaba virus has mutated into an airborne virus. The camera stalks the germs as they spread their way through the

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