Zalora Marketing Strategy

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Identification of Zalora’s Marketing Strategies and Effectiveness in Singapore
1 Introduction
The conduction of marketing should be under the guidance of customers’ demands and needs, which involves a series of operation and management activities of enterprises ranging from designing and manufacturing products, distribution and transportation of products and after sale services. The essence of marketing is to create, communicate and convey value to customers and gain effective control over customer relationship to bring the organization with benefits (Cheng and Lee, 2011). In this report, it takes Zalora, an online fashion electronic business website headquartered in Singapore, as an example to explore its marketing strategies employed to create
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Since that fashion clothes and beauty products would be offered on Zalora in the online business platform, its targeted customers are people who are willing to experience what is new and popular. In other words, customers aging between 18 to 45 years old are main targeted customers of Zalora considering their acceptance towards new things such as online shopping. In addition, the designing of marketing strategy should take the brand image and identification of Zalora into consideration (Surya, 2014). Its targeted customers, main products and operation methods are characteristic of modern and technological features, which should be manifested in the marketing strategy as well. It means that the marketing forms, marketing content and distribution channels should make full use of advanced modern technologies to attract the attention of targeted customers. For instance, the distribution of marketing campaigns may take advantage of online social networking platforms to make full use of the word of mouth marketing effectiveness rather than the traditional marketing platforms such as newspapers and TV. It would not only attract more interests of potential customers but also improve the marketing effectiveness to a large…show more content…
In order to satisfy diversified customers’ needs in the types, coverage scopes and styles of products, Zalora endeavors to introduce many world famous brands into the online platform including Mango. Moreover, the establishment of self-created brand Ezra is also considered to be the completion of the product line of Zalora.
Zalora has also made use of promotion strategy to meet customers’ needs and improve their consumption experience. The focus of Zalora’s marketing is fast fashion consumption, which should be conveyed to customers at the fastest speed. Moreover, after establishing the customer relationship, Zalora would send promotion information and activities through Internet to attract more customers based on their preferences.
As for the distribution strategy, Zalora is based on the Internet and mobile terminals to provide services for customers, which endows it with the convenience brought by online shopping. Moreover, in order to improve users’ consumption experience and provide them with direct experience, pop-up shops or temporary stores are opened in Singapore to make it possible for customers to try on clothes and place order online. This totally new consumption experience makes full use advantages of online shopping method and physical store consumption experience, thus meeting customers’ needs of convenient logistic

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