Zama Case Study

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Zama is popular restaurant which located in near the Faith Sultan Mahomet Bridge. Zama restaurant established by chef Rainer Becker which inspired informal izakaya Japanese style dining in which dishes are brought to the table continuously throughout the meal. Becker improved the Zama notion while working in Tokyo, where he dissipated six years learning niceties of both Japanese food and culture. In 2002, together with Argon Winey and Divine Lavonia, Becker launched Zama’s first location in Knightsbridge area of London. Their success led to him opening Zuma restaurant in Honk Kong, in 2007, in Istanbul 2008, Dubai in 2009, and Miami in 2010. Subsequently in Istanbul Zuma’s restaurant customers rates rapidly improved, the missions has changed…show more content…
Head Chefs: Planning menu with customers ( and each moth they change menus from customers feedback in order to customers satisfactions. Assistant chiefs: Standardization and overall food quality
Cooks and assistant cooks: Make provision for soups, gravy and food product should be baked, boiled, braised, roasted, fried, grilled. Assistant cooks only help cooks prepare food. For instance, rob, clean, shape or portion foods, like an easy material to do.)
Sushi chef: Prepare all types sushi and sashimi such as salmon(Sake), squid(Ika) whale meat (Gei nuki) and so on. Pantry: Accountable of Cold food
Chief Stewards: accountable from providing clean glassware, care of dishwashing machines, inventory control by monthly stock checks, china and cutlery.
Storeroom: only two employees are storing and checking the store area
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2. Organizing
3. Coordinating
4. Staffing
5. Directing
6. Controlling
7. Evaluating

Planning: the operations missions of creating goals and objectives in order to obtain them.
Organizing: “How can we be to use our restricted human resources to obtain our objectives?
Coordinating: is the operation that organize employees to obtain the operations objectives.
Staffing: contain enlistment as well as hiring nominee.
Directing: is the significant part of whole food and beverage director types.
Contain: scheduling and discipline employees.
Controlling: efficient plans have been created resources and been very well arranged, all are the personal has been chosen and way have been ready. Therefore, it is a controlling mission of operation.
Evaluating: is the operations missions of examine the all over the operations progress and they give thought to “How very well are we doing on our job?”


1.Customer Satisfaction
2. Employee Satisfaction
3. Teamwork
4. Success
5. Integrity
6. Continuous Improvement

Operation Management: Is the operation of method that create property and ensure

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