Zamboni ! The Icon Of Ice Hokey

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Zamboni! The icon of ice hokey

Before going into the discussion about the thrill of being a Zamboni operator, I would like to introduce myself. I am Sam, and I love my job as a Zamboni operator. I have started this blog to introduce Zamboni, the iconic machine that has helped ice hockey become what it is today. The thrill of being a Zamboni operator can only be felt by a person that has driven a Zamboni. The unorthodox nature of my job has given me the push to show people the work I do.

A great philosopher named Charlie Brown once wrote, "There are 3 things in life which people always like to stare at: a crackling fire, a flowing stream, and a Zamboni clearing ice." Zamboni is a sort of ice resurfacing machine that was discovered by Frank Zamboni in the year 1949. The Zamboni can run at a top speed of 9 miles per hour.
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It is like a giant beating the rough ice to make it smooth as a glass top. Is it really the maximum fun a person can get? I, being a Zamboni operator, can tell people that it is much more fun driving a Zamboni, than sitting and watching it slowly gobbling the rough ice. I never loved ice hockey in the beginning, but my love for Zamboni has made me an ardent follower of ice hockey in the recent past.

The Zamboni is often compared with a tractor because of its jerky nature. The Zamboni tires cannot be made of chain, since that would totally destroy the surface of the ice. The tires are mainly made of castings of rubber and walnut shells. As soon as the Zamboni is put in gear and the acceleration pedal is pushed, it starts moving jerkily. It seems as though the tires are nonexistent. The blade height needs to be set properly to cut the rough ice. It has to be accurate enough, for the cutting depth may be more than required. The Zamboni has to be slowed down before turning. Removing the foot from the acceleration pedal can be enough to stop the
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