Zanaco In Consumer Interruption: A Case Study

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Farall et al (2012) States that digital disruption is the diversification that arises when existing goods and services are overshadowed by new digital technologies. For example, the way online banking has disrupted carrying out bank transactions at a physical store because bank transactions are now carried out on the bank’s website. Another example is how bank accounts disrupted the keeping of large sums of money in houses and moving around with large sums of money which wasn’t secure enough. Customers have embraced and adopted digital trends and are always looking forward to new technologies that will give them a good experience and make their transactions easier.
With these trends, organisations have no choice but to embrace change in order to grow and maintain its position on the market. The author Farall et al (2012) also discussed that digital disruption
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That’s why organisations need to give customers what they expect by embracing change. Zimmerman et al (2015) also states that the new digital technologies have caused massive competition on the market that’s the reason why organisations should always be on the lookout for new opportunities.
Disruptive technologies are having a considerable impact on the functions of Zanaco and the Zambian market. Smith et al (2011) defines disruptive forces as ‘forces that force an individual or an organisation to react in order to survive. The authors also state that a disruptive force is a revolutionary force or situation that gives birth to change to the point where it forces industries to be changed and new ones to be created’. The following are disruptive forces that may affect Zanaco in relation to customer expectations.
I. Introduction of New Mobile platform
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