Hydro Power In Chin Case Study

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Plan: Power Generation 7. The projects planned by China on the Zangbo are planned on two major principles:- (a) Construction of the massive hydroelectric plants that would generate about twice the electricity produced by the Three Gorges Dam . The proposed hydroelectric plant in the Great Bend region is projected to have a capacity of about 40 thousand MW. (b) The second component of the project is on the lines of diversion of the waters of the Zangbo which would then will be pumped towards the water starved North and North Western regions of Xinjiang and Gansu crossing hundreds of Kilometers. 8. China is learnt to have planned on building a total of forty dams on the Yarlung Zangbo and its tributaries. Twenty of these dams are planned to have a generation capacity of about 60 thousand MW of power. The proposed twenty smaller dams on its tributaries are expected to provide about five thousand MW. Eleven of the said twenty projects on the river are to be placed between the source of the river from the glaciated mountains of the Himalayan range and the Great Bend region. These are planned to have a total production twenty thousand MW of power while the balance of forty thousand MW is planned to be generated at the Great Bend. 9. Eleven hydropower stations…show more content…
China has always been secretive in the past about any plans to address the hydro power potential in the Great Bend region. In the recent pat news was released about the initiation of work on dams East of Lhasa. The largest of these dams, the Zhangmu Dam located in the mid-reaches of the Zangbo is already complete today and has started generating power in November 2014. The dam is located in a deep gorge about 140 Km South East of Lhasa and situated at a height 3,260 meters is about 110 meters high and 400 meters long. The Zhangmu Dam is slated to generate 540 MW of power electricity and being a Run of the River project should not as claimed by the Chinese authorities adversely impact any flow

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