Zapp Insane Or Sane?

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As time progresses, the boundary for what is considered socially acceptable gets pushed forward with each new idea. When Beethoven was composing his music, people were amazed at his new creations. But, every time a new creation comes along, there is always condemnation because new is considered taboo. This holds true still to this day, the only difference being that modern society 's socially acceptable boundary has been heaved forward new artists that were and continue to push the line. Two modern artists that are considered insane but definitely pushed the boundary are Frank Zappa, Miley Cyrus and Eminem. Zappa, although less widely known today, was a mastermind at pushing the limits. His actions paved way for Miley Cyrus, allowing her to…show more content…
Due to his outlandish lyrics and extreme hatred for censorship he was constantly in battle against his censors. When he was told to put warning labels on his albums, he sarcastically wrote a label that warned all his listeners about the evils of rock and roll and how its antagonists are the actual corrupted ones. Frank Zappa was an English major that loved writing lyrics and did not care what others thought of him. He was definitely hated for some of his philosophies but was also loved for his passion and opposition to censorship. He wrote music to express his ideas on society and government, among other things. Music is such an amazing propaganda tool. Zappa, knowing this, used his musical talents and views to express his beliefs. He was urged to use music for his own expression and was able to gain some money in the process. Frank Zappa changed what was allowed to be said and showed that artists could fight back against any…show more content…
But, as people began to take on different perspectives on how music should sound, music began to evolve. Growing indefinitely, there continues to be infinite possibilities on how music can be preformed. With each performance, another step forward is taken and music grows again and again. Although Zappa, Miley, and Eminem all approached music differently, they all played a role in pushing its limits. Zappa paved way for what could be said on albums and on stage, Miley showed that artists could act pretty much however they wanted on stage and Eminem proved that an artist could sing about almost anything. Shoenberg, Stravinsky and Beethoven all created groundbreaking compositions that were ahead of their time. Just like the composers, Eminem, Miley Cyrus and Frank Zappa all pushed music forward into what we know it as today. All of them accomplished the same goal in the end, whether they did it for recognition, money or just felt as though someone needed to do it. Something urged these artists to make a change to music and we still are seeing their changes in today’s

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