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Zappos embedded a strong culture within the organization. Thus the employees of the firm, spanning over a year ‘ten committable core values’ of Zappos to promote the very best customer server and experience, driven by their slogan “delivering happiness”. Zappos mainly need to focus on its recruitment, training and development of its fair practices.
It is required to ensure that Zappos only recruit those who fit with the Zappos culture and based on this they will introduce to find out based on the ten values. Also they are required to focus on both interviews to be accepted for training and there were no exceptions to the rule, and need to perform good employee training session. And they need to prime focus on the purpose of training is
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Hsieh and his management team meet that test in myriad ways.
So unlike many of the companies that Zappos need to build and focus on Keep focused on the service driven, Keep maintain the culture and to be technical skill to manage finance to keep Zappos to direct in the right culture with the right values will always produce the best organizational performance.

After analyzing this case study it was found the following point related to mentioned case study, was originally retailing a largest collection of shoes. However, due to its organic and inorganic growth now it has diversified to other related industries of retailing clothing (including wedding dresses) and variety of accessories (hand bags, watches, eyewear, and many more).
Zappos has been success due to its; Known their customers and satisfaction level and over 75% repeat buyers Quality brands with excellent service Offerings free shipping
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Company Culture
The company culture should be used positively to adapt to the changes in the environment easily and effectively before competitors. This will effectively build the competitive advantage over other companies and make a mark in Zappos future brandings too.
High communication and customer service possesses a highly sophisticated website, which need to be maintained for high efficiency and security. With the healthy relationship with the employees’ turnover should be able to be reduced and be able to focus on their continuous development and more strategic issues. Relationship with the customers can be used positively to continuous customer retention and to increase repeat purchases.
Stay with future challenges of new technology
The truth is customers put attractiveness before efficiency and this puts the company at a risk of consumers moving to other websites provided it is similarly useful as Zappos has to take initiatives to redesign its websites to be more user-friendly and attractive. In overall, Zappos will stay on the market with the given

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