Zara Case Study

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¬ Who started the company? When?
Zara was started by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera in 1975 in Spain (Wikipedia. n. d.).

Purpose of the company (mission, vision, values) Zara brand’s purpose is to satisfy customer’s expectation continually by producing new goods and at the same time they block supersaturating on fashion market also they aim to contribute to environment of society which we interact in the world (Wikipedia. n. d.).

Timeline of company Zara had own factory in La Coruna in 1980 and started its global increment from Porto, Portugal. In 1989, it has entered the United States and 1990 they were increased to reverse milk-run-type production and distribution facilities and at the similar time, Zara in France was increased in the 1990’s with Mexico in 1992, Greece, Belgium and Sweden also in 1994. In 2007, they launched men’s and women’s wear line, also children’s wear, shoes and even cosmetic side. After that they made first online store for promoting their best selling. This also extended to five more country their online service in 2010.
However, they were gotten by some of TV program about unfair labor problem and this was their first crisis in 2011. Nevertheless they have passed that time with starting green peace in similar period. Now in 2014, there are 6500 over (Wikipedia. n. d.).

Success of the company
After 1990’s, Zara has reflected sensitive trends quickly and combined from manufacture to distribution. And one of the success’ reason is there are

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