Zara Leadership Style Analysis

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3.3 Leading

The founder of ZARA, Amancio Ortega is known for his leadership skills as that has contributed a big part to his success. His success depicts a leader with a strong vision and is clear about their purposes at all times. It is said that he was an autocratic leader first where the concentration of power was focused on him. But once his business ascended, and his reputation became superior, his leadership style transformed to a democratic way of leadership. ("Ortega 's Leadership Style")
Apart from the CEO and different departments at the headquarters, regional managers were empowered to manage the store in their respective areas. Employees like store managers were empowered by having sovereignty and independence. This is to make
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This deduces that in order for a strong feedback and criticisms to improve the sales, designs and innovations, team management leadership style is very important and useful, especially for a fashion related industry as productivity and quality is extremely significant. As such, employees need to engage with one another to improve the product and consequently yield the finest end product. This style also results in employees being motivated and forming a highly cohesive team which results in efficient and competent…show more content…
This could be done by performing internal audits quarterly with precise accuracy so that no information is missing or misled. Once this is done, the management can work on improvements if the target was not met or aim higher if target was met with great deals. This is one way Zara could keep track of their management control with efficiency as its done quarterly.

Another way where Zara could control their management is by using Concurrent control. Concurrent control takes place while an activity is in progress involving the regulation of ongoing activities that are part of the transformation process to ensure that they conform to organizational standards. (BARNAT, "Concurrent Control")
As fashion trends tend to change every now and then, Zara could use this control to work on latest trends and future trends. This to ensure that employee work activities produce the correct results without any major wastage and unacceptable services. This also allows Zara to be up to date with its fashion knowledge and also sustain its position in the

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