Zara Market Analysis

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Zara is one of the leading fashion companies in the world according to the fashion magazines in the world. The company has been able to attain its currents heights due to its strategic management that has been because of good leadership at the company. In this research paper, market analysis of the textile and clothing industry will be discussed. In addition, the paper will discuss how the strategies that the company has employed to attain its current success. The objective of the papers or rather study is to highlight on the Zara’s SWOT analysis, and conduct the PESTEL analysis and develop a theory that students can learn from the research that has been conducted in the business discipline after carry out on the porter’s five forces of the textile industry that Zara operates in. This paper will look into details the marketing strategies that Zara Company has employed to navigate in the textile and clothing industry. The paper will look at an overview of the company and some of…show more content…
The papers took a deep insight of the company’s consumer analysis in relation to porter’s five forces of marketing, marketing strategy at Zara and finally the theoretical framework of the business discipline as it is evident in the paper.
Zara Company Overview
In the early 1963, Amancio Ortega founded a small company that manufactured women’s pajamas and other lingering products for the clothing wholesalers and retailers. The company opened its own retail shop that was branded Zara after one of the company customer from German cancelled one of the most magnificent tender that the company had acquired in 1975 (Wararkar et al., 2017). The cancellation that lead to the establishment of the retail shop brought to the company a new business idea that enabled the company to marry manufacturing and retailing in the textile industry despite the fact that the intent of opening the shop was to

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