B6362: Organizational Change And Development

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B6362: ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE & DEVELOPMENT Navigating Through Disruptive Changes - A Case Study Individual Assignment Q1. Describe the company’s internal and external disruptive changes. (10%) 150 Technology Changes Major Changes Effect Computing Power Increased computing Power at low rate. Cost savings rose. Sparked innovations and disrupted industries. Mobile phones Increased device penetration. Free Wi-Fi. Product review forums has decreased brand loyalty. E commerce Platforms Omni Channel retailing by Brick and mortar stores. Increased consumer time spent online. Rise of Amazon and Tabao. Omni Channel retailing by clients, such as Walmart, allows direct customers and supplier interaction causing disintermediation of…show more content…
Also, Walmart has initiated Disintermediation process which means they have started sourcing in house in increase their margins. Mitigation: Expand the services offered and offer differentiated products in to increase the switching cost. This will in turn reduce the buying power of the customer. Power of the Supplier: Slightly…show more content…
If there is no proper training process in place to develop them then there is a chance of having an unsustainable supplier network. Mitigation: But the new digital model could bring in new suppliers who are already familiar with the process and integrate with LF easily. LF can standardise the specifications of products to make it easier to switch between suppliers in the worst case scenario. Rivalry: Very High Risk: Amazon and Alibaba can respond to competitors strategic moves very quickly. Additionally, Digitalisation, innovation and speed are the primary keystones for these competitors’ offerings. So, LF is not necessarily differentiating itself form the incumbents. Mitigation: Offer differentiation in what is offered in terms of product or services. Expand the service and perform vertical and horizontal integration in the supply chain to eliminate middlemen wherever possible. Identify ancillary services within the industry that are not currently offered by LF but operate with low revenue but high profit margin. For example, insurance of freight is one are that LF can explore. By offering this along with freight forwarding LF would be providing one stop solution for the entire shipping process. Threat of New Entrant:

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