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1.1.2 Top Retailers of branded clothes in Malaysia
Everyone has a separate and elegant fashion sense which is mainly related to the apparels throughout the world. Apparels define the personality, education, behavior and the way of thinking of the people. (Payal, et al.2014) In Malaysia Gen Y population and the increasing disposable income level which along with higher desires and an impression factors has extremely affected the consumer’s purchasing behavior. Private consumption has a direct impact on the growth of the many retail industry in Malaysia. Today‘s consumers are increasingly becoming brand conscious and are expecting for products with fashion, trendy and quality. Fast Retail Company UNIQLO has attract many customers in Malaysia
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• Does the lifestyle of Gen Y consumers influence them to purchase branded clothes in Malaysia?
• Does the Gen Y really influence by the reference group to purchase branded clothes in Malaysia?

1.3 Research Objectives
• To examine the relationship between self-monitoring and consumer behaviour of Gen Y on purchasing branded clothes.
• To study the lifestyle of Gen Y consumer for purchasing branded clothes.
• To investigate how Gen Y influencing by the reference group to purchasing branded clothes.

1.4 Research Scope
In this study I will use primary data which is manual survey distribution to collect all the data that needed from the target audience. This manual survey distribution method will help me to get the instant response from the targeted audience. To gather the data I will distribute 250 questionnaire to my fellow friend, family, relatives, teachers and others who born between 1980s and 2000s. I will focus on MMU students and lecturers so there is nothing to be worry about since the number of resources are required as there is thousands of students attending class every day. So here I’ll distribute my questionnaire easily because majority of the students and lecturers are my targeted group. The process of data collection will take at least one week time as I want to meet only 50 respondents per day include students, lecturers and other

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