Zarathustra's Views On How Ahura Mazda Created The Human Record

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1. Within the excerpt provided, Zarathustra states, “I was ordained at the first by you…” (page 79, The Human Record by Andrea and Overfield). He is saying that the deity he worships, which is Ahura Mazda, went directly to him and made him a prophet. 2. There are several examples within the passage provided that shows Zarathustra’s belief that Mazda created the universe. For example, the passage states, “I strive to recognize by these things you, O Mazda, creator of all things through the holy spirit…” (page 79, The Human Record by Andrea and Overfield). 3. The creation story mentioned, that Ahura Mazda created life and darkness, makes up the history component of Zarathustra’s belief. The fact that Ahura Mazda supposedly went to him shows
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