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Zaria Linton - Lopez makes it clear that she is a force to reckon with. Her determination to peruse her modeling career regardless of other 's opinions, makes her a prime example of confidence. She has inspired women to be comfortable in their own bodies and is also coming out with her own clothing brand. You can follow Zaria on Instagram at ZariaLinton.

1. What made you become interested in modeling?

I had a following from when I made my tumblr and from my Instagram as well. My boyfriend felt that I had the following and the look, so he thought that I should try modeling. Greg Johnson is a talented photographer that I worked with. His Instagram is _gregjohnson. The pictures from the photoshoot that I did with him went viral and became popular. He reached out to me after all of the shoots that I 've done. He is to thank as well, for my modeling career.
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4. Have you ever heard of a story of a girl with a eating disorder that has moved you?

There was a story in this booked called "Chicken Soup For the Soul". It was a story about how a girl was reading a magazine and saw how beautiful the models were. She felt the pressure to live up to society 's standard of beauty. She tried to lose weight and even when she did lose weight, it wasn 't enough. Her parents ended up getting her professional help. When she recovered, she started helping people at local areas who hade the same body image issues. I loved the story because it showed that she overcame a huge obstacle.

5. What are three major key things you feel is essential to have, when dealing with negative comments online, if you are a model?

- Confidence - If I didn 't have that I would not be where I am today.

- Trust in yourself and your work - You have to trust your work and its value. There were times when I got hurtful comments when I worked with certain photographers. I realized that I shouldn 't second guess my work. It was a learning experience. Now that I trust myself, it helps me to focus on my

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