Zaroff Compare And Contrast

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The Similarities The best part about these two story are that they were similar and many different ways. This early conversation between Whitney and Rainsford foreshadows the events to come. Rainsford will soon experience the position of the jaguar as he is hunted by Zaroff on Ship-Trap island. The brief exchange highlights Rainsford 's outlook on the sport of hunting. He expresses a lack of empathy for the plight of the hunted. Over the course of his experiences, his disposition changes remarkably. Rainsford 's first sight of Zaroff 's secluded mansion foreshadows the sea of contradictions that is Zaroff. In the midst of a dark, unforgiving terrain lies a man-made masterpiece. Much like this setting, Zaroff is a cultured man. He eats, dines, and dresses like the highest members of society. On the other hand, he has a sinister, dark side that leads him to hunt men for sport. In this passage Zaroff reveals some of the ideological underpinnings that drive his desire to hunt. As is evidenced by the passage, he truly believes that he was made specifically for this single pastime. His passion and exuberance for the sport is all-consuming. Zaroff 's identity is hinged on this sole quality, a fact that makes his hunting of men all the more believable. This passage is also indicative of his role as the antagonist of the story.…show more content…
Rainsford 's observations on the first night of his stay at Ship-Trap island include numerous examples of metaphorical language. The contrast between soft, light, and civilized with dark wilderness continues throughout his stay on the island. It is only in the dark of night that Rainsford is able to see the true nature of the mansion. The fancy, polished exterior of the mansion is a facade for the barbarous activities that take place under the cover of night. Although the hunt has yet to begin, Rainsford is already trapped by the hunting dogs. Their eyes watch him as he surveys his surroundings, preventing him from making any attempt at an
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