Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill Grinder Case Study

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The Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill Grinder is one of the high-end brands in the coffee milling field. It 's crafted by artisans, and the company has been in grinder production for over 150 years.

While they wouldn 't be considered cheap, you 're getting a grinder with a history and craftsmanship that makes them worth the price. For coffee lovers looking for a good grinder that will give them high-quality, perfectly ground beans, you can 't do much better than the Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill Grinder.

About the Company

The German company was founded in 1867. The original creator of the Zassenhaus brand was Robert Zassenhaus, who obviously named it after himself. They still operate in Germany, specifically, Solingen.

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You 'll be able to grind as fine or as coarse as you 'd like with this unit. There 's an adjustment knob under the handle on the top of the grinder. This shouldn 't be confused with the nut that holds the handle in place. The fineness can be regulated using the proper nut adjustments. When pulling the unit from the box the first time, you might need to do a few test grinds to see where it 's set out of the box. After that, you can adjust for your desired fineness.

Stainless Steel Burrs
When it comes to the burrs inside a coffee grinder, you want ones that will crush the beans to extract the goodness from inside them. After some time, the burrs can become worn with continued use. This shouldn 't be a problem with sturdy steel on the interior of this unit.

How to Use the Zassenhaus
This grinder is one that 's actually called a "knee grinder" since you 're supposed to hold it between your knees while grinding. This is why there 's a slight curve on the exterior of the unit. It 'll feel neatly between the knees to hold it in place while grinding. You can 't get anymore authentic with your grinding process than holding the grinder with your body as you use arm power to grind your own coffee beans.

Frequently Asked Questions
These questions come up often when anyone is looking for answers in a Zassenhaus Santiago coffee mill grinder review, so we 'll tackle a few here.

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