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Introduction to Physics Lab (ZBT1) Electromagnetic Induction Marc Westover C164 ZBT1 Task 2 Professor Taha Mzoughi 03/14/2017 Introduction This experiment describes a physics lab on electromagnetic induction. It will test if coils of looped wire produce an electric current and if the number of coils makes a difference in a reading. The testing of electromagnetic induction goes back to 1831 with experiments conducted by Michael Faraday. His experiment led to one of the “basic laws of electromagnetism called Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction.” (electrical4u.com) English physicist Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction which deduced “the working principle of most of the electrical motors, generators, electrical transformers and inductors.” (electrical4u.com)…show more content…
He also noticed that as the coil loops increased so did the voltage as read on a galvanometer. This process of moving the magnet in between the coil wire demonstrated electromagnetic induction. The experiment performed by Erin Bjornsson they talk about how to perform “Faraday’s Experiment” (Bjornsson, 2013) By following similar steps performed by Michael Faraday their hypothesis asked “what will happen when you pass a strong magnet through a loop of copper wire.” (Bjornsson, 2013) With a similar setup as Faraday they passed a magnet through a cardboard tube that had wire wrapped around it. As more loops were added more current was shown on a galvanometer. They tested Faraday’s process and proved it to be correct.
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