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Q.1 A. Following 7 strategies zealong can used and achieve higher growth.
1. “Existing product to existing customer”:
To rise the growth of sales in existing market or customer base on improving product or service quality, features, quantity, packaging style, and customer services etc.
To increasing potential sales existing customer zealong has to improve their quality, product variety, packaging style, supply chain etc. by doing this zealong can increase their sales in existing market. Because, it’s a human nature that after sometime everyone want something new.
2. “Existing product for new
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6. “New industry structure”:
To achieving growth of company, company can acquiring or merge with other company and gain faster growth.
Zealong also adapt to new industry structure to achieving faster growth. Zealong has to merge and join with those company who already have good reputed and well known in there counties. By doing this company can easily increase their sales and growth.
7. “New competitive arenas”:
Companies can fit in in different vertical to exploit some opportunities available in different sectors. And it’s also benefits to company because company also can use their skills.
Zealong also can adept this strategies so company can increase their growth. Such as zealong can integrate with different vertical company which is totally different form zealong, so company can use other company skills, policies, idea, customer’s purchasing power etc.

Q.1.B. “Privileged Assets” means type of assets which is unbeatable by any competitors. This is those assets that very difficult to imitate by
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Because zealong is grown in New Zealand pure environment. Its world’s purest tea.

• Associate with many countries: zealong always associated with countries like china, japan, Taiwan, India, sri lanka in people.
• Focusing on health: zealong tea is originally grown, chemical free, purest tea, and with its many health benefits.

2) “Weakness”:
• Limited product: zealong has limited number of product they have only organic tea. So it’s a limitation for sealing because of some people love green tea, black tea, herbal tea.

• High skilled techniques labour required: Tea leaves are handpicked by expert from china and Taiwan labours by a high skilled and techniques so if some labours are not available in right time production can’t work.

• Small retailer’s networks: zealong has some retailer network for online purchase. 3) “Opportunity”:
• Wider online marketing: zealong can do wider online marketing for their product so more increasing online shopping. They can extend their market wider.

• Introduced more verity of product: zealong introduce new more product in tea like black tea, white tea, green tea, herbal tea, honey tea, and in other flavours or

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