John Wilson Character Analysis

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In the story, Zebra was a character that changed from his experiences in order to discover what he loved. For example, the text states, “Then a year ago, racing down Franklin Avenue he had given himself that push and had begun to turn into an eagle, when a huge rushing shadow appeared in his line of vision and crashed into him and plunged him into a darkness from which he emerged very, very slowly. . . .” (Potok 48) Starting from the beginning of the story, Zebra had to change. This quote shows the start of Zebra’s new journey. This quote shows how Zebra loved running, and he imagined himself transforming into an eagle when a car hit him. This marks the beginning of change because the experience coming from this accident would cause Zebra…show more content…
This character was John Wilson. John Wilson changed greatly from his interactions with the other characters in the story. For example, the text states, ‘“Well, just in case you change your mind, I’m giving an art class in your school during the summer.”’ (Potok 52) This elaborates on John Wilson’s change through experiences because by talking to Zebra, Mr. Wilson was able to start a summer art class at Zebra’s school. Without this experience Zebra and John Wilson would not have met and many changes would not have happened. John Wilson changed during this experience by starting his own art class and meeting Zebra in the same time. A second quote showing Mr. Wilson’s change is, “‘We’re going to do two things this summer. We’re going to make paper into faces and garbage into people.’” (Potok 56) This sentence declares the reason Mr. Wilson changed from his experiences. John Wilson was explaining to his art class the activities they would do over the summer in the class. This creates a huge, great change because John Wilson has an art class causing him to change from the interactions with his students. John Wilson also changes because he is thinking deeply about art. He wants to turn paper and garbage into a form of beautiful art. This thought creates new experiences and interactions which lead to John Wilson’s discovery of the need to change. Thirdly, a quote from the text…show more content…
Here are the ways this art class experience and interaction caused everyone to change. For example, “‘I think I’m going to miss you a little,’ Andrea said to Zebra after the class. ‘I’ll only be away for a month.’ ‘Can I help you with some of those drawings?’ ‘Sure. I’ll carry the helicopter.’” (Potok 59) The text shows how the art class made Andrea and Zebra friends. During the art class, the two began to get along and when Zebra had to to leave for summer camp, Andrea was sad and would miss Zebra. The art class motioned the need for change in Andrea and Zebra’s friendship and created a friendly bond between the two enemies. This is an important experience because it made the two friends and get along, a major change based on John Wilson’s summer art class. Another piece of evidence showing the changes the summer art class created is, “Later that day, Zebra sat at his desk at home, working on a drawing. He held the large sheet of paper in place by pressing down on it with the palm and fingers of his left hand. He drew a landscape: hills and valleys, forests and flatlands, rivers and plateaus.” (Potok 59) The summer art class clearly influenced the change in Zebra’s mind and his interests. Before, Zebra was depressed about losing his ability to run and do what he loved. After he went to the art class,
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