Zebra Analysis

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In the story, Zebra was a character that changed from his experiences in order to discover what he loved. For example, the text states, “Then a year ago, racing down Franklin Avenue he had given himself that push and had begun to turn into an eagle, when a huge rushing shadow appeared in his line of vision and crashed into him and plunged him into a darkness from which he emerged very, very slowly. . . .” (Potok 48) Starting from the beginning of the story, Zebra had to change. This quote shows the start of Zebra’s new journey. This quote shows how Zebra loved running, and he imagined himself transforming into an eagle when a car hit him. This marks the beginning of change because the experience coming from this accident would cause Zebra to be unable to do what he loved, running. Therefore, a harsh experience like this one may have hurt Zebra while allowing him to change and grow. A second example of Zebra’s change is the following, “Mrs. English, about the summer art class . . . is it okay to ask where–um–where Mr. Wilson is from?” (Potok 55) This sentence reveals Zebra’s change during his experience with Mr. Wilson. Zebra changed from being centered on himself to being curious about John Wilson’s life and he became an inquirer in the process. Zebra also changed from this experience because he went from being depressed because he was not able to run, to being open-minded about trying a new passion. Zebra also transformed into wanting to try art because of his
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