Mercuric Pesticide Essay

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Jyotsna, Alok Kumar Madeshia, B.Praba Sheela
Department of Biotechnology, Vinayaka Missions University
Paiyanoor ,Chennai,Tamil Nadu,INDIA.
Corresponding Author’s
ABSTRACT: Fishes are used as bio indicators to assess the quality of water pollution. In the present study we aimed to check the influence of mercuric chloride in acetyl cholinesterase level in brain of zebra fish. Various sub lethal dosage of mercuric chloride altered the enzymatic level in brain. The Level of Proteins in brain was also reduced due to toxicity. A significant alteration in acetyl cholinesterase level was found in relation to the control. The changes in enzyme and protein level accounts for the toxicity of mercuric chloride in aquatic ecosystem.
Keywords: Mercuric chloride, Acetyl cholinesterase, Protein, Zebra fish.
• Exposure to sub lethal dosage of LC 50 value of mercuric chloride.
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For the AChE activity analysis 4 brains were pooled together from each group and the test was performed three times using a total of 12 fish per group to ensure the consistency of the result. AChE activity was determined by the method of (14).The activity on the homogenate was measured by determining the rate of hydrolysis of acetylthiocholine iodide (0.075 M) in a final volume of 20μL, with 260 μL of 0.1 M phosphate buffer, pH 8, and 0.01M DTNB. In this solution, 20μg of tissue of each sample were added and incubated at 28 °C for 10 min. The reaction was started with the addition of the substrate acetylthiocholine iodide, and the rate of hydrolysis and formation of DTNB anion were analysed at 412 nm per minute using a micro plate reader. AChE activity was expressed as moles of thiocholine (SCh) hydrolysed per min per milligram of

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