Zeen A Short Story: Taking Care Of My Life

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It all began when my father died, and I had to return home to take care of Mother. I had just left Starkfield and was ready to pursue my dreams, but I knew I had to come home and take care of my Mother. She was sick and needed my assistance because she was all alone. Each day she grew more and more silent and each day I lived through my misery. My cousin Zeena came to stay with me and helped take care of my mother so I could care for the farm. Later when my Mother passed away I asked her to stay with me, and we got married. I just couldn’t stand the silence and I was afraid to be alone.
Later, my wife’s cousin’s parents died, and she had nowhere to go. Mattie, came to live with us and worked as a housekeeper and helped care for Zeena. As Zeena grew older, she grew shrill. Mattie became ray of light in my life and I began to cherish every waking minute we spent together. We began to bond over our common interests and she brought a sense of newfound purpose to my life. One night at church, I
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When I greeted Zeena she acted hostile and announced we had a new hired girl coming to work for us. We then began to argue because I knew we could not afford the help of two girls working around the house. Zeena then explained that Mattie’s help around the house isn’t sufficient enough and that she needs to be replaced. Later that night, Mattie realizes I am upset about something. I then take her into my arms ands kiss her and tell her that Zeena wants her to leave. After dinner, Zeena complains about the food and goes to relieve herself with some stomach powders and discovers the broken pickle dish. Zeena then became perplexed and started looking for someone to blame over her loss. Mattie and I explained it was the cat’s fault, but that Mattie took the dish down for dinner. Zeena then blames Mattie of taking her most important item from her and reminds her that she must
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