Zeitoun Analysis

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Abdulrahman Zeitoun, owner of a painting contractor business, lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with his wife Kathy and their four children. Author Dave Eggers’ presents the story of Zeitoun in a work of narrative non-fiction; it tells a true story of a family during Hurricane Katrina but with a political and ethical perceptive. Stylistic and technical devices Eggers uses is represented by a distinct shift in tone and describing plot settings. Furthermore, Eggers displays the insignificance efforts by the U.S government in helping the victims of the Hurricane Katrina. The destruction in New Orleans is described with symbolism, Eggers refers to “Angry horizontal rain"(Eggers) and describes the increasingly contaminated water in great detail. According…show more content…
As the audience is introduced to the background and characteristics of AbdulRahman and Kathy, Eggers uses symbolism to describe the plot setting and surrounding during each scene. For example, Eggers’ describes the flooded streets of New Orleans as “contaminated water.” In many circumstances throughout the text, Zeitoun is seen helping local residents in his Canoe, as the Military helicopters and boats had not come for rescue. In the article by International Risk Governance Council "The Response to Hurricane Katrina" author Donald P. Moynihan mentions “The consequences of a major hurricane had been long-anticipated for New Orleans in particular, due to the dangers of a levee collapse for a coastal city built mostly below sea level. But the concerns about such a disaster were not met with an appropriate level of preparation.” (Moynihan Pg 1). In many ways, Eggers emphasizes the lack of relief efforts throughout the text by presenting the destruction of the city with looting, flooded streets and helpless
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