Zeitouns After Hurricane Katrina

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Although Hurricane Katrina wasn’t expected to ever hit land, it is one of the biggest storms to hit the United States. The storm devastated the city and the country more than anyone would have every thought. Zeitoun, by Dave Eggers, displays many of the disastrous events that take place during and after Hurricane Katrina. The book follows Zeitoun and his wife Kathy, a Muslim couple, with four kids and their own painting business, through the storm. After the storm, while Kathy and the kids are staying with friends and family, Zeitoun rides around in his canoe rescuing survivors and watching his properties which has a phone he uses to keep in touch with Kathy. When Kathy doesn’t hear form Zeitoun in a while she knows something is wrong. Zeitoun and his friends are arrested in their home and are taken to a temporary prison where there police violate some of the rights citizens have. In Zeitoun, Eggers expresses the issue that citizens were not treated adequately after Hurricane Katrina due…show more content…
In Campbell Robertson’s New York Times article, “Charges Filed in Katrina Inquiry”, he talks about the killing of six innocent civilians. According to documents the civilians were walking, unarmed, over a bridge to get food and visit family members, when they were shot at by officers. When Lieutenant Lohman arrived at the scene he concluded that “the shooting was ‘legally unjustified’” and they started the cover up (Robertson). In this situation the police uses their powers to cover-up their wrongdoings so they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions. Robertson’s article also claims that there are other similar situations, for example a man found burned by police to hide evidence. This is not how police or investigators should conduct themselves, and treat victims. They should have respect for the victims and even if there is wrong doing, take responsibility of

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