Zelda's Influence On The Great Gatsby

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Francis Scott Fitzgerald: The best writer of the 20th Century

Francis Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896 in Paul, Minn, US. Was the only son of an unsuccessful aristocratic father and energetic mother. His intensely romantic imagination led him what he once called “ A heightened sensitivity to the promise of life”. The most important alteration in his life was when he began to drink too much that almost conduct him to came close to begin an incurable alcoholic. All of this was by the battle lost to keep his life with Zelda. As a result, his life was disorderly and unhappy prove it by his quote “ I left my capacity on the little roads that led to Zelda’s sanitarium”. Fitzgerald considered one of the best writers of the 20th century
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For instance “ Tender is the night” reflects the disillusionment caused by the Great Depression. Likewise, “The beautiful and damned”, “The Rich Boy” and “The Great Gatsby” talked about the Jazz Age or Roaring 20s. He also started to create short stories that were about young, rich, post-war generation. Without forgetting his childhood and Hollywood experiences inspire him to write “Winter Dreams” and “The last Tycoon”, that actually are the favorites of the people. Fitzgerald favorite subject of writing was the rise and fall of American idealism in the first half of the twentieth…show more content…
Most of his stories derived from his experiences and consequences of his abuses as the alcohol. Critics allude him as a representative of cultural identities and also stable generalities. In fact, “The Great Gatsby” widely acclaimed one of the greatest novels of the modern era. In contrast, other critics dismissed his short fiction as inferior efforts intended to capitalize on the success of his novels. His story “ My Day” many critics interpreted as a remarkable evocation of the imminent collapse of the Jazz Age. By the time of his death, Fitzgerald was kind of forgotten and unread until his short fiction revival his numerous volumes of stories, letters, and notebooks. The Fitzgerald final attempt was to be the kind of men who could realize the promises of American
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