Zeno: Son Of Teleutagoras

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1.Zeno was born around 490 b.c. in the greek colony of Elea in southern italy.Nobody knows when he died but they can only assumed that he died around 430 b.c. with little or no evidence. 2.Zeno was the son of Teleutagoras , but was adopted by Parmenides.Plato has reported zeno has been “beloved’’ by Parmenides in his youth, so he may have been Parmenides lover ,a common tradition of ancient Greece.When he was around forty years old he accompanied Parmenides to Athens and met the young socrates.It appears that he lived with her for for at least sometime.There is no research that is zeno had any children. 3.Zeno lived in elea in southern italy and has no reports on where Zeno traveled they reported that they was very little known on Zeno life.

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