Zero Day Character Analysis

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“What would you do if you were eight and kidnapped?” Addie Webster knows to well what she would do. Addie was only eight years old when two strangers took her from her own home. She was vanished for half her life and when she returned it was nothing like she expected. Addies life is shown threw the book Zero Day by Jan Gangsei. Just like any other great book there were many things I liked, disliked, and connections I made throughout it. During Zero Day there are many writing techniques I liked. The main technique I liked about the book was the way the author wrote it. Zero Day left you on a cliffhanger on almost every chapter, so you could predict what would happen next. One example of this is at the end of chapter three it leaves you wondering by saying “And with it, the truth.” Another reason I enjoyed reading the book was it was written in third person. Zero Day was narrated by someone not in the book so you didn’t know how every…show more content…
The character I could relate to the most was Darrow because we both share the feeling of missing someone we were close to. Darrow was best friends with Addie, but then she was kidnapped and he had to live eight years of his life with the feeling og missing his best friend. I share this feeling because one of my best friends moved away when I was young and i haven 't seen her since so I miss her everyday like how Darrow missed Addie. Another character I related to was McQueen because he believed that Addie was hiding something when she came back from being kidnapped for so long. Just like McQueen I questioned Addie and thought she was hiding something about her kidnapping. Finally, I connected with the Cerberus attacks in Zero Day because there are attacks happening just like the Cerberus attacks today. The attacks today are by ISIS so I can relate to what it feelings like to have attacks on your home
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