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1. Zero Reject Principle one is called Zero Reject. It deals with locating, identifying and serving all students with disabilities ages 3 to 21. There are two criteria for eligibility. The first is that the student must have a disability that is covered the IDEA. The second is that the student needs special education and related services because of their disability. 2. Protection in Evaluation The second principle is protection in evaluation. When beginning the evaluations, the Local Education Agency (LEA) conducts the proper evaluations before providing special education services to a student who has a disability. The student is assessed in each area related to the disability that is suspected. The school uses a variety of tools and assessments to collect information to assist in determining if the student has a disability and the student’s educational needs. Once the data is collected and interpreted the IEP team makes the decision as to if the student requires services and what his or her placement should be. 3.…show more content…
Students may only be removed completely when their education in regular classes with the use of aids and services is not able to be achieved satisfactorily. There are some inappropriate considerations such as placing students according the category or severity of their disability, cost and placement where services are usually provided. There are four themes of a least restrictive environment, appropriateness, individualization, options and inclusion bias. When determining if a least restrictive environment is appropriate placement for a student, there are three factors to consider. The first is determining what is appropriate for the student. The second is determining if FAPE can be achieved in the general education classroom with supplementary aids and the third is providing integrated experiences for the

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