The Zeta Potential Analysis

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The fiber suspension to papermaking consists of a large number of components which differ from each other in various respects such as size, shape, surface area, surface roughness and electrical charge (Figure 1). The suspension of fibers and fine contains mineral filler and additives which aim at improving the process of papermaking and their properties. The fibrous material when dispersed in aqueous medium develops surface charge due to the presence of ionizable functional groups such as the hydroxyl and carbonyl. Which results in the inefficiency in the retention of particles of colloidal nature (such as fines and fillers) [10, 11, 14]. The cellulosic fibers normally carry a negative charge when suspended in water due to the presence of ionisable…show more content…
The zeta potential represents the electrostatic charge density induced near the surface of a particle by the action of ions and polymers in suspension. The magnitude and sign of the charge is derived from the measurement of particle motion applied in an electromagnetic field. Since these movements could be strong or weak and depends on the composition of the surface of the particles may occur zeta potential distributions (since not all particles share the same charge). This occurs when more than one type of material is present in the solution (mineral filler and fines) and when it has a high mechanical shearing after mixing. Thus, both the average of zeta potential as the shape of the distribution is important…show more content…
The global retention is the ratio between the total material (fibers, fillers, additives) that is being fed in the machine, and that is getting trapped in the dry sheet. This retention further includes the step of forming the stage of recovery of the fibers outside the machine, usually a flotation stage. While retaining first step is the ratio between the total material fed into the input box and what is retained on the screen. The first pass retention can also be measured or expressed in only one of the components of the mass, as the first step of retaining of fibers, fines or

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