Zeus: A Good God In Greek Mythology

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Zeus, the god of the sky, is a prominent character in Greek Mythology. The debate on whether Zeus is a good or negative god is a very controversial subject. Many myths, like Kronos and Zeus, show Zeus being a good god. However, other myths for example, Prometheus, show him being negative. My most preferred myth, Demeter, shows Zeus being a good god and causing a positive impact on those around him. Consequently, it is my firm opinion that Zeus serves a favorable role in Greek mythology. Many famous Greek myths, including Kronos and Zeus, show Zeus being a satisfactory god. The myth states, “They came of age and, when the time was right, they agreed to help fulfill the prophecy that would unseat Kronos from his throne” (Kronos and Zeus 1). Kronos was a terrible titian, he was very selfish and worried more about his power than his own children. As a result, whenever one of his children was born he ate them. Zeus was lucky enough to be saved by Rhea and Gaea so when he came of age he decided to help his siblings that were trapped in Kronos. Zeus wanted to make things right for his mother and grandmother too, so he got a drugged drink that would cause Kronos to release his siblings. Furthermore, taking down Kronos was not the only good thing Zeus did in the myth, “The Cyclopes were so…show more content…
Through reading many different myths, I have seen many different sides of Zeus. There are many valid examples of Zeus making exceptional choices and showing he is a good god. Many of these examples can be read in the myth, Kronos and Zeus. Alternatively, Zeus also gives some examples of his adverse actions. These examples can be given in the Greek myth, Prometheus. My most preferred myth titled, Demeter, shows Zeus making a positively influenced choice. As a result, I conclude that Zeus is a favorable god that does his best to make choices that will impact man in a positive

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