Zeus And Aphrodite Research Paper

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Many,many years ago in Greece roses were red. Zeus and Aphrodite were sitting in a grassy path on land. They went on a walk around the path of land. Aphrodite has always wanted to marry Zeus, but she is too scared to ask him. Zeus is very tall and strong, but he ,is always very nice. As they walked along a bad storm came thunder, lightning and even very bad rain . This is when Zeus powers came in. He could stop the storm so they could finish their long and nice walk. The trees blew as the leaves fell off, the apple tree seeds feel all on the ground. Zeus could clear the weather and storm. This storm was way too bad to clear it he tried and tried. The lightning stopped,but there was still thunder and rain. He thought maybe if they prayed for it to stop it would stop. Zeus and Aphrodite prays and says please…show more content…
Zeus said I am so sorry I should have not but I was just too hungry. Aphrodite said it is ok. Aphrodite was very nervous to ask Zeus to marry her. Aphrodite was brave enough to ask her so she did. Aphrodite said I have always loved you and all the walks we have been to do you want to marry me. Zeus was very nervous and he did not feel good and his whole body turned red. He said this is the best day ever I have always wanted to… Aphrodite is scared because his whole body is red and he just fell to the ground and died. Aphrodite was very sad but she knew that he has always loved her. After he died, they took his body and gave Aphrodite the ashes. The ashes of the body were sitting in her room at their house and one day she comes home and all of his ashes have been formed into red roses. Aphrodite 's friends, Dionysus and Medusa return to her house and they talk to Aphrodite for a long time. They think that is a great story. They go to touch the red roses and Dionysus head baed has red roses on them now. Then Medusa went to touch it and her hair turned into roses and the snacks went
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