Zeus And Zeus, The King Of The Gods

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All the ways they were the same, but they had their differences. They were different in many ways, in one way Zeus was the king of gods and Hera was the queens of goddesses. They controlled different things. In many accounts, Hera helped people by going around and helping them with their relationship or help create relationship ( Sehr H). On the other hand, Zeus did not interact with the people that much, because he mainly controlled the sky ( Sehr H). Another way they were different, they were each scared of different things. Hera was scared for the cow, lion, and the peacock (Sehr H). Zeus is scared for the rams and eagles (Sehr H). The word “scared” means that they were connected to the animal very well. Hera was connected the cow, lion, and peacock and Zeus was very well connected to the rams and eagles (Sehr H). They had many characteristics that were the different and the same. Even though they had many ups and downs, they had one big love story. Zeus, the King of the Gods was walking around the region of Hesperides, when suddenly he stopped saw Hera and fell in love with her (Homer). “In order for him to approach her, he transformed himself into a cuckoo and then he placed himself outside her window , pretending to be frozen by the cold” (Homer). When looking at the bird, Hera felt so sorry for the bird and took it inside her home. Once inside, Zeus revealed himself to her and they fell in love. Soon after that, he grabbed her and took her to the mountain of
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