Zeus Influence On Greek Mythology

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Every population that becomes a community is always in seek of a leader. Everyone from animals to humans to mythical civilizations. They all are always in seek of a great leader. The decisions that the chosen leaders pursues are all up to them from the point of appointment or election. This is proven true in Greek mythology when their civilization turned to Zeus to become their leader. As well as being the father of all gods, Zeus demonstrates great acts of destruction on many, as well as myth influences on the modern day world.
Zeus was one of three boys born to Cronos and Rhea. Before Zeus's time however, Cronos was the king of all gods. Cronos had become king of the gods by killing his father, Uranus. Before death Uranus had prophesied,
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All his brothers and sisters thanked Zeus and made him their leader. (Evslin4). From there, the young gods took over Olympus and took the throne from their father and fought a war against him and his titans. No one knows exactly what happened to Cronos and his titans but myths say they are banished in Tartarus. (Evslin5). From there on, Zeus and his brothers shared the universe and Zeus was the supreme ruler. (Dowden11). He became Lord of the Sky, the Rain-god, and the Cloud-gatherer, who held the awful thunderbolt. His powers were greater than anyone else. His breastplate is the aegis, his bird the eagle, and his tree the oak. Hera was Zeus's wife and sister who punished all other woman Zeus fell in love with. (Hamilton27). He was a strong, brave, stupid, noisy, violent, conceited God, who was always on the watch of his family in case they tried to take his throne. On the right of his throne was a ruby-eyed golden eagle holding jagged strips of pure tin, which meant that Zeus could kill whatever enemies he pleased by throwing a thunderbolt of forked lightning at them. Zeus also used his purple ram's fleece for
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